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Breathe With Us, You Don’t Need to Catch Us

Breathe With Horses
Aimée behind Rafi

We are Friends

We love it when the humans come us without a project in their minds. There is an openness in the space between us. We can breathe it in. When we can breathe, we relax. So we can share whatever is happening right now between us. Then it is okay for us to do something together, it might be fun.

Why Our Inside Ears Go Back

Our human friends are sometimes focused on a programme. They want to do this activity, and then that one, followed by another one straight after. It is all happening straight away, without settling in to where we are right now. Our humans want to fit us into the shape of the programme, without receiving, or even perceiving the shape we are actually in.

Maybe we can’t be their shape that day, or we aren’t quite ready yet. When we feel that shape squeezing us, it makes our ears go back inside and we start to feel squashed. It doesn’t mean we won’t comply, and do the activities anyway, but we can’t breathe and we can’t relax. We start to feel hard and tight and maybe eventually even a little mean.

Open Up Space Instead

Instead of thinking about catching us and squeezing us, you can open up a space. Bring us an invitation. See us and feel us while we see and feel you. Give us fusion time. Let us merge. We can breathe into your space and breathe you in. You can breathe us in. This way we feel our legs soften and release, and we can move. We feel our ears open and we can listen. Then we can follow you into the project without feeling squashed and squeezed into it. We can enjoy it. We can even love it.

We might discover a project we can share with you. It will be fun, and we will both feel more deeply who we are.

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