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Excerpt from The Safe Space of Liberty with Mary Miller-Jordan

In this second podcast with Mary, we explore working with horses at Liberty more deeply. This is a particularly fascinating subject as it is inspiring so many horse creatives, and appearing in the horse world in many different forms. Our discussion centres around how to encourage authentic freedom in a safe way. In this excerpt Mary describes a vivid dream she had when there was a communication issue with her mustang mare Magic. They needed to find a solution and it unfolded in an enchanting way.

The Safe Space of Liberty with Mary Miller-Jordan

Mary’s describes her experience of riding at liberty, the differences with and without tack and how she started. We discuss valuing the unique nature of each partnership, vibrational growth and what guides our choices. Going into celebrating our bodies, the subject of striving and the predator prey transformation. We discuss whether liberty is free, where the safety is, the new freedom paradigm in society and performing within the safe space.

Discussing the safe place in Mary’s exhibition performances with Magic, teaching on the lunge and riding with comfort aiding. Embodying freedom and resting in structure in liberty work, the parallels in structures of dressage. Going into how energetic and physical elements interplay with liberty work, dream communication, diaphragm biomechanics and comfort aiding.

The question of conditioning, how the safety bubble fits in, the safety structure of straightness,relating to alignment, being in alignment and the multidimensional nature of it. Mary talks about her approach with her young horses, how she will work with them. The question of purpose. How we attract the horse who aligns with our desires, free spirit horses, committing to the present moment and the safety in that

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About Mary Miller-Jordan

Mary is a nationally acclaimed Mustang gentler and trainer and has won multiple titles with her Mustang horses. The transformative healing qualities she experienced with the Mustangs were the inspiration for her to found the non profit Mustang Sanctuary, I am Herd.

Mary is the current President of I AM HERD offering unique outreach programs with the Mustang herd to support those in need.

Discover the Mustang Sanctuary and Mary’s Many Beautiful Creations

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