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Horses can share the essential nature of reality with us.

Essential Nature of Reality

Since we have been travelling through light years of being-ness, the essential nature of reality has both created us and been created by us. The simplicity in which we present ourselves here is an opportunity for you, our friends, to see beyond or not, without judgment.

We can be grazing animals for you, gentle and powerful and easily conditioned or we can be sages with you, multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Together holding space for and attuning to the highest wisdom. 

Both of these realities are true, and interchangeable.

The Essential Nature of Reality

The essential nature of reality is a simple idea. Your reality is what you choose to experience. It is what you choose to see in those around you, and how you wish to think of your world. It changes in each moment with each vibrational interpretation you make. 

When you see love and light, there it is, and there you are. If you think dark thoughts, you are darkness, and it will come to you. There is nothing beyond this moment, and this rooted choice. 

You may be habituated to certain interpretations of the elements in your existence. It is natural to learn these habits, and they always make sense. They are also always open to re-interpretation, from a different stand-point, a different you. 

This is Freedom

This is our freedom. Our magnificent, free and untainted will. That right now, in this fresh new moment of now, who we choose to be is utterly limitless. Not because our body is unlimited, because it is not, but because the way we choose to interpret our reality is unlimited. And so our happiness is unlimited.

This is a gentle path, made up of many small steps and some quantum leaps. Look into our eyes with love and humility, and we will show you how to light up your world from within. Breathe with us, without force or self expectation, and we will breathe you into the still point of potential. In this place, everything is up for re-interpretation, and all can be healed. 

Come to us with nothing else but you, and we will lead you there. 

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