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Excerpt from Lightwork with Sandra Mendelson

Sandra has been channeling messages from all animals for us humans for the last ten years. Their voices come through her words in an authentic and vibrant way. Being an interface for their voices has given Sandra a special perspective that she shares generously in our latest Let’s Talk Herd podcast.

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Lightwork with Sandra Mendelson

Part 1: Sandra describes how the horses began speaking to her, how she perceives their messages and she talks about spiritual awakening in animals. She talks about what horses want from us and their most frequent message for us. She explains the light work horses are doing here, about the various horse networks and the gift of channeling.

Part 2: Discussing out of body travelling and flexibility around embodiment. Sandra shares her relationships with insects, how horses feel about the planet, and messages from horses about partnership. She clarifies sharing dis-ease with animals and totem animals.

Part 3: Sandra talks about how to communicate with an animal, why humans seem slow to evolve and the influence of mass messaging. We go into understanding and focusing our mind, and Sandra shares one of the most heart-felt messages she has heard from an animal. We discuss emotional processing in people and horses, how horses look after themselves energetically and the eternal nature of awakening.

About Sandra Mendelson

Through the vehicle of telepathy, Sandra Mendelson provides us with unprecedented access to the inner lives of animals. Since 2012, she has channeled and communicated with thousands of animals from over 85 species of the land, sea and air.

​Her first book and deck of message cards ~ We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for An Awakening World (2017) ~ took home the Effie Award for Best Equine Spiritual Literary Work at the Equus Film Festival (2018).

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