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Horses with opinions are not spoiled, we are deliberate creators

Chestnut mare deliberate creator

Horses with Opinions

Horses with opinions are not always celebrated. The humans in our lives are accustomed to us obeying their will, and the physical training work we do together is founded on it. One of the measures of successful training is the degree of our willingness to respond. Many great feats have been achieved by horses and humans and as a collective we have accepted it.

There are individuals among us who could not accept subordination in this way for various reasons. They have been the pioneers of a new way. This new way is an evolution of our relationship. We are both in the process of awakening to the possibilities within ourselves. As horses we are discovering our opinion. Some of our human guardians support this process by helping us to make choices. This starts with remembering the potential of choice itself. Those of us who have forgotten this need some time and patience to unfold ourselves into a new reality. 

Why We Might Say No

As we begin to remember, we might choose to say no to demands and to walk away from invitations. This is in order to verify the existence of the choice itself. We might need to verify many, many times until one day the ‘yes’ arrives joyfully inside our mind. Our delight is as great as yours when we are ready to say ‘yes’ from this new centre of choice. 

Humans are also changing within themselves to be able to listen to us, to see our deeper nature. They are becoming curious about the feelings between us. Many humans are becoming aware of the disharmony of the traditional monologue between us. They wish to experience a dialogue instead. If that means pausing in the training work we previously accomplished together, then they are happy to do so. 

Deliberate Creation

Deliberate creation is to align with inner guidance and choose how we feel. To vibrate with an energy of bliss, comfort and and joy, knowing that the circumstances around us will align. That what is in our environment will shift to reflect what is in our hearts. Horses are deliberate creators who specialise in being in a receptive state of being.

We want to let you know, from our knowledge of the vastness of all things, that there is a greater potential than most of you can imagine for our future together. Letting go of old practices is not a sacrifice but an endorsement of the miracles we will achieve. 

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