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Excerpt from the Equine Dentistry podcast with Dan Astle-Carter

Equine Dentistry is the practice of removing rough and sharp edges of horses’ teeth, as well as balancing any significantly uneven wear patterns. Horses chew their food with a sideways motion of the jaw. Sharp edges develop because the horse doesn’t always use the entire surface of their teeth when chewing, so the central parts will wear faster.

Horses chew with a circular sideways grinding motion which dictates the wear pattern on their molars and over time creates sharp points on the inside edge of some teeth and the outside edge of others.

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Do horses know that dentistry can help them? How do they react to wearing a gag and having tools in their mouths? Dan Astle-Carter has been a practicing Equine Dental Technician for over 17 years and he shares his experiences about a wide range of subjects. In this podcast we go into the ideal diet for a horse’s teeth, including older horses. We talk about behaviour, tools, surgery, sedation, bits and more.

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Equine Dentistry with Dan Astle-Carter

Discussing the ideal diet for horses in terms of their teeth, balancing a horse’s mouth, behavioural issues related to teeth, dental surgery and tools, sedation, general vet dentistry and how the horses feel about it. 

Moving on to electric tools, the effectiveness of dentistry, introducing young horses, why horses react badly, reading their energy, the influences and damages from bits and recommendations, bitless, barefoot, the holistic positive cycle, how teeth grow, when they run out and suitable food for older horses.

About Dan Astle-Carter

Dan is based in North Yorkshire and has training and practical experience all over the country with highly reputable equine dental practitioners, from the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth, the West Country, racing yards in Oxford, Birmingham, Yorkshire to the Scottish borders and Orkney. He is qualified in peripatetic and clinic based equine dental services B.V.D.A. / B.E.V.A. Approved B.A.E.D.T. Member. In his spare time Dan is a horse owner himself with over 15 years experience of bringing on young horses and co-running an equestrian centre on the North Yorkshire Moors. Dan has been a keen show jumper and event rider for many years and enjoys pleasure rides and hacking.

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British Association of Equine Dental Technicians

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