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Being One Being were the words that came into my mind when Quaramba invited me onto her back.

This is hardly a new concept, either in itself or in the context of the riding partnership. We often talk of Oneness, and aspire to the feeling.

The newness for me is in the stage we have set, and the implementation itself. It is as if Being One Being is a whole living way in its own right.

Not only a part of our relationship, or even a conclusion, but the relationship itself.

Why Do We Seek To Be One?

I have been thinking about this a little recently. Feeling into it. Surely we are happy to be individuals, to have our own voice, our own gifts and purpose. Why is the idea of One Heart and One Being so delicious, and so comforting? Firstly because it feels amazing. The feeling of our own boundaries: emotional, vibrational and even physical, dissolving as our perception expands and we reunite with the clarity and golden vastness of love. That does feel amazing, and it feels full and enough and replenishing all at once. 

There is also how it feels to share our experience. To experience life alongside another whole being. To feel the collaboration of friendship, the harmony of agreement.

Maybe we seek that with others to help us find it from our own source.

When I ask myself why I want to be one being with the horses, it is about the pure joy of being part of a project that we chose together. 

There is such a difference in my mind between a passive horse, one who allows her body to be channeled, one who gives his energy, even with blessings and peace, and an active horse who has come alive. Like in a fairytale, where animals speak, and take on responsibility. They do this in our world already and yet the pathways to listen are only just opening. And the pathways to implement their voice are largely unformed.

Quaramba Was Ready

One day when I came to the summer barn, I was wondering how our new ride partnership would being to implement itself in this world. I knew that it didn’t feel right to begin a physical system of communication. So far everything we have done together has been directly infused with our subtle dialogue of energy. The doing unfolds within the vibrational parameters. We feel it into being. It is like staying underwater, in the ocean of energy. I knew the path would open naturally as long as we stay submerged.

When Quaramba came to pick me up, in that natural, easy way she has, she went again to stand within the herd. In answer to the question ‘what now?’ The idea came so easily, we will simply be one being. I was just beginning to explore what this might feel like with a horse, sitting on their back, the magic of that and Quaramba suddenly galvanised herself. It was as if her whole body was singing ‘I am ready’ and she purposefully strode out of the barn, and started up the steep little slope at the back. 

But I Was Not

Almost as suddenly as she felt ready, I felt all of my defences swoosh up within, and I knew I was not. First there were fearful thoughts, you don’t really know what she might do, she’s never been ridden, she might panic, you have no established communication etc.. all the logical, conditioned fear-based thoughts of the ego rushing in. So she paused, because she felt my doubt, and I slid off. I felt quite disappointed in myself, and I wondered if I saw that in her eyes. 

Yet I knew that there was no doing without being. Being one Being is a state, a vibrational field, an active expression of oneself. There is no pretending or hoping or pushing through. In fact true listening to my inner being in our subtle dialogue was to know I was not ready, and accept that it was fine. It was a part of the process of growing, of expanding and seeking to receive what I need.

I acknowledged a certain reversal of the roles in this moment. I have tended to feel that it is my job to gain the horses’ trust. To be the safe place for them, and to influence them of my trustworthiness. It was clear now that I had to be able to trust her. Wow, what a shift! She is in charge of her big powerful body and I am invited inside of her world. And there is no safety net, and certainly no way to impose one, because that would only negate my trust itself.

Becoming One

It occurred to me that this is how it is when we wish to bring a new way of being into our current reality.

It isn’t the right way or the only purpose of being here, of course not. Many people are implementing and creating in the manifested reality so beautifully. That is one of the joys of being human in a manifested world.

This particular pathway with horses is still forming itself however, and it is just not ready yet to appear in doing. So we go went into vibration together. 

This time in our subtle dialogue we felt ourselves leaping up the dimensions. It was a virtual reality, climbing up, and remembering and realising that our sharing of the body is a supreme readiness and reverence for our own body. That this must be complete to solder the faith between us. Understanding that we are always together in our separate doings, and experiencing the relief in that. Being one being doesn’t need faith, it is a quantum leap beyond faith. 

The Coherence Sieve

Aimee is a vibrational master in our herd, and she is often the one who clarifies a pathway for us all. This day we met to examine being one being vibrationally:

Being one Being is knowing your heart as a sieve of coherence in the flow of perception. You can tune more to the structure of the sieve, or more to the experiential flow. As One Being you tune to both, occupy your mind with the flow, or Be the sieve. As One Being you need only tune to one, as you are half of the whole. The sieve is already strong, the practice is in the tuning in. And every time you Become One Being more deeply and easily. Let it flow through you, there is no task.


Integrating The Wisdom

Sometimes we will have a profound session like this, and I don’t even think about it again. Later on when I listen to the recording I am already a new vibration and I hear it anew, and it falls in different places and creates new changes. That is the marvel of this inner path, you are not learning or thinking or figuring out, you are becoming. The session with Aimee wasn’t about the words or their meaning, although they reflect that of course. It was about changing me, and the herd, and it can change you. 

New ideas continued to gather and form. Being one Being is a vibration that is creating itself through our awareness. When it becomes stronger than the action or the thought about the action, the separate parts as a perception will dissolve, and there will only be the oneness. Being One Being is comfortable, it is held, and it is our herd essence. 

The Wider Perspective

As we continue to explore together as a herd, and I meet more and more kindred spirits in this journey for the New Earth, memories are returning.

Knowing ourselves as starseeds and the reminder that Quaramba has also come into her body and this time and this place to create with me.

Not only her but all of the herd, and all of you, and how energising and liberating that is, to know this is not about me and my, but all of us. We all have our shining thread to weave into the tapestry of what is. 

I am reminded of this when Quaramba is so clear in herself. How she does not invite me on the days the hunting is bothering her. She may approach, but she stands a little back, a little distant. And we connect together through more established pathways of love. We remember all over again that love is the root, and how much we love and see each other, all of us, all beings. We remember that Being One Being is not a goal in itself, but another joyous way to experience our love together. A new channel, a new shape, a new way. 

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