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Excerpt from the Power of Acknowledgment with Holly Davis

If there was one thing we could change or do more of right now with our horses, what could that be? Holly explains the profound power of offering our horses acknowledgment, and how to go about doing that. Holly Davis is an animal communicator with over twenty years of experience in listening to horses. Find out what they have to say, their unique perspective on their lives with us and much more as we dive deep into a truly fascinating subject.

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The Power of Acknowledgment with Holly Davis

How Holly started to communicate with horses and how she receives the information. Discussing the authenticity of the communication and how it is affected by personal filters. Covering the issues that come up for horses most often and how a session will go. Moving into the way horses express themselves, their memories, what they care about and the greatest influences from us in their lives. Holly also explains her centaur experience and we talk about the energetic connection.  

Talking more about the energetic connection, the way it can manifest and how to listen for it. The way we spend our time with horses and the question of acknowledgment. Comparisons with cows, evolution, ancestry, how horses carry the wild and the importance of Herd.

Holly talks about her relationship with horses, behavioural work and how she discovered holistic principles. She goes on to how the horse world is evolving, what she thinks is still missing and horses as the ghost in the machine. We discuss the inner shift, rediscovering choice, coherence, and what horses feel about their lives with us. Moving into how she found her truth as a horse guardian and the essential nature of dialogue.

About Holly Davis

Holly Davis is an International Animal Communicator, Therapist and Behaviourist. She started working with Animals and their Guardian’s in 1999. The majority of her work at that time was based on Animal Communication. 

From there Holly went on to train and qualify in several different therapies, as well as Equine Behaviour. Although she is based in Wales in the UK, she works Internationally with Animals and their Guardian’s located all around the world.

I always treat every animal that I communicate with, with respect, integrity, and as an individual as if they were my own.

Holly Davis

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Holly Davis books
Holly has also written several books.

Let’s Talk Herd podcasts are relaxed yet intelligent conversations about every dimension of holistic horsemanship. We are interested in learning from each other and sharing the unique ideas that are sparked by sharing personal discoveries. If you would like to be a guest contact Camille.

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Acknowledgment with Holly Davis”

  1. Thank you, Camille and Holly for the exploration of these depths of levels of communication and of communing.

    A human beings level on the spiral of awareness is always directly reflected by the relationships we co-create with our horses and with all of life. Everything you speak of turns back deeper into ourselves. Is there any awareness building of the subtle essence of who we are and if so this shines forth in all of our relationships, directly reflected with the energetic tuning forks of these beings in horse bodies. If we are entering into awareness of ourselves without the acknowledgment of our own sensitivities on the subtle energetic levels of our being and who we are beyond being a body but included in the body, then this acknowledgment will be occluded when perceivong our horses. If we are running ourselves around and around a roind pen, pushing ourselves further away from our spirits then we will feel the desensitizing normalcy of doing the same with our horses. If we are not stopping to breathe with ourselves in daily life and to feel the depths of who we are and we will project this dance of conditioned identity onto our horses and objectify them as we do ourselves. Horses and all of Nature are portals deeper into ourselves … And as Holly so perfectly says l
    Acknowledging, or becoming Present with … is a very important beginning.

    • Ah yes… how perfectly you are able to explain this in words Sabina! It is only ever ourselves we are turning away from when we don’t have time, or energy, or inspiration for our horses. And when we can listen, and embrace, and love ourselves… that shines out for the horses. They are so attuned and so attentive and so engaged that they can hold that anchor within themselves for us to feel and re-become ourselves. 💛


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