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We don’t mind waiting, because we understand how to

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Marie & the Herd

When we are waiting for something, like drinking at the waterhole, or even eating at a bale of hay, we do it with intention. It is a practice, it is full of itself. It is a special time for being, and amplifying our being-ness out into our world.

How To Wait Successfully

If you fill your waiting time with impatience, it becomes unfulfilling and uncomfortable. Feeling impatient is not enjoyable. It encourages frustration and emptiness. It brings not-enough-ness, and that attracts more not-enough-ness and lack begins to manifest everywhere. Holistic horses don’t do that because we understand the conversation with what is. When we feel whole, and complete, we bring more wholeness and completeness into our experience here. 

Waiting is trust. Trusting in our endurance, our perfection and our source. Waiting is believing in abundance. It is knowing that now is enough. Right now we are well. The trust feeling is a well of energy, and the more we access it, the more flows out.

When Horses Have Forgotten

Some of us have forgotten how to wait. We get angry and resentful. This happens when we no longer feel empowered in our life. When we are unable to make choices about where to graze and who to graze with. All of our time becomes waiting, and there is no chance to replenish our heart energy within the herd.

We know that this is a chapter of our time together when we reflect back to the people in our lives. They will see through us how to Be. The humans will remember how to give themselves choices about where they go and what they do. And they will remember how to feel whole and abundant. They will discover how to wait.

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