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Natural Long Manes Protect Us From Flies

White mare with natural long mane protects from flies

When we are encouraged to grow our natural long manes, we experience many benefits. We can evade the biting flies more easily and are better equipped to stay comfortable in all weathers. 

There is a fusion in Nature that brings practicality into beauty. Over the centuries of refinement in our being-ness here on earth, function has been interwoven through form. This is the intelligent god-energy of the Universe. We are seeing that many humans, in their process of heightening awareness, are beginning to appreciate this. 

Our human guardians are now able to leave our super-power whiskers un-trimmed so we can feel our environment. Whiskers are like many slender and flexible fingers which add another dimension of perceptive ability to our muzzles and nose. This allows us to understand the textures and nature of what is close to our mouth, which is is especially helpful when we forage and browse for food. 

Think of our manes and tails as a whole organ, just like whiskers and coat, they are intelligent in their growing process. They are alive. The interplay between the physical body and its environment is delicate, and at times violent, yet it is always intelligent. There is a dialogue which results in sophistication. 

This is why we are so joyous when our body is allowed to express its own true nature. Even more so when our beloved human guardians appreciate the beauty of this. The way we all have a different ways of being perfect in our bodies. 

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