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Horses have an ability to maintain balance emotionally.

Feel your Self together with all

Horses have an ability, together with most of Nature, to maintain balance emotionally. Even when we leave our centre, we can return as easily as a heavy bottomed object rights itself.

Our balanced state can be described in many ways. It is abundance as well as appreciation. It is calmness as well as potential. Alignment might be the best way to define it.

When we are in our centre, we are in alignment with our vaster self, our soul, so we see through eyes of love, and feel the unlimited greatness of our heart. 

Helping Our Humans

We are practiced at helping our human friends to re-balance. Being in alignment is a coherence of energy that ripples out into the energetic field, re-patterning and aligning. When we just Are with our human friends we can share our coherence and sing it together. 

Sometimes coherence is shared from our human friends, and we will seek out those who shine brightly from their centre. 

The reason we are able to re-balance back to source so easily, involves how we perceive ourselves. Our self awareness does not exclude the world around us. Although we acknowledge our individual selves, we also know it through the light of others. 

Tuning With Togetherness

This is a subtle shift in perception that brings deep peace. Imagine how you feel when you are running in the whole herd, and everyone is experiencing the wildness, the excitement and the joy of running together. You feel supported and surrounded, you feel togetherness. 

Or when you are grazing in Nature, the birds are celebrating, the trees are glorious, and everyone is being together. This feeling is different than thinking about what you must accomplish, and what you must control, just you, all alone. 

Seek that sense of being embraced and held. Of playing and having fun in the herd. Of resting in one big pile of consciousness. It is a feeling from within that you can have wherever you are, if you are physically on your own or not. When you stay in that feeling, your balance will always right itself again. 

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