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Horse Track Systems and Herbal Support

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How well designed horse track systems and herbal support can benefit horses

Horse track systems and herbal support for horses may seem like odd ideas to some horse owners/carers – they did to me when I first learnt of those concepts some years ago – however, for an increasing number of people they are an integral way of helping to keep their horses healthy and improve their wellbeing.

In recent years I’ve become known to some as, ‘The Planty Man’ which started as a sort of joke in the beginning as I refer to all plants as ‘plant things’. Chiron Horse came to me as a ‘failed’ trotter at three years of age and no passport. His background and history were unclear as the seller got him from a sales auction and decided to move him on quickly – as some do.

Stuart Attwood

I gave up the Equine Assisted Learning soon after he came to me as it felt like I was ‘doing’ it instead of ‘being’ it

– Stuart Attwood

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