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Those unique moments of kinship are what having horses is all about for so many horse guardians

The value of kinship with horses has been coming through to me in the articles and the wonderful podcast discussions last month. Those moments of togetherness and clarity in communication are such a blessing. Quite often during this journey I have reflected how much easier it would feel to be working within a team. To relax into a sharing of responsibility and ideas. Although the freedom of being able to listen to my inner guidance and allow growth to be pressure free is invaluable. 

In those moments of feeling nervous about the technology and a little overwhelmed by the responsibility, I remember that I am far from alone! That all of the unique, talented and passionate contributors are the team. And of course, at the heart of Soul Herd, our forward thinking active members. They recognised so early on what is being created here for the horses. And I am sure that in time the right people will come forward if more internal support is required.


For now I want to thank, from the horses as well as myself, everyone who has joined the journey so far.

Whether it is giving their time, their voice or their support, both financial and vibrational. All of it is seen and felt and appreciated by us so deeply. 

Being a Witness

As I connect with more equine creatives and we engage in those subjects that fascinate us, I see how closely we all cherish our kinship with horses. It is less important what we do with horses as how we feel with them. Experiencing that love, that sentient knowing between us that inspires our actions. And the more we encourage it to glow within us, the more beautiful those actions become. 

Last week I met a new client. She is a little donkey, and so heartbreakingly delicate and subtle in her expressions. I can’t remember seeing such intense self awareness in an equine before. She held her little feet for trimming so poised and gentle. Even when she ate her little biscuit treats, she moved her lips extra slowly. Just to show us how deeply she was considering everything that was happening.

I don’t know why experiencing her unusual sentience made such an impression on me, but it may be about acknowledgment. If no one witnessed her delightful little expressions of who she is, then surely part of her is not being given space to grow? Is this our opportunity with our own horses, to witness their own unique voice?

Discovering Their Voice In Each Moment

Kinship with horses is the way they close their eyes to emphasise a point. The gentlest of blows on your hand from loving nostrils. An impatient tightening of the whole body or the subtlest exaggeration of chewing like the little donkey did. To get our attention.

These signals are portals, enter here and feel, listen, engage with our energy, shut your eyes for a second and feel

The message that is coming through at this time is to appreciate the individuality, the unique nature of each moment of kinship with each horse.

There are no rules or generalisations that can flatten this out. Each of us is a vast and complex being, with so many facets and layers. When we come into the presence of a horse, who is also a vast and complex being, there is an opening of a thousand doors. 

To be still and allow the ocean of potential to rush into that space of time is such a gift we can give ourselves. We don’t need to fill the space with thinking or doing. Just for a moment it is possible to allow the space to fill with kinship. Just that, the unremarkable yet glorious, enough-ness of kinship. 

When I take the time to remember that I am not alone, that sense of kinship with all things fires up. It feels so warm and good and supportive. Re-connecting with Source, and allowing myself to receive and be surrounded by all of the physical and non-physical help one could ever ask for. And to share that feeling with a horse!

Life doesn’t get any better than that.

Soul Herd

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