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There is a powerful sense of putting down roots in the Soul Herd Community now. 

How to root back in to ourselves may be the ultimate gift we receive from our horse friends. They don’t need to use words, or ideas or even actions. They are simply rooted inside themselves and every time we come into contact with them we can absorb that coherence pattern.

Our Soul Herd contributors are talented journeyers who have explored and awakened over and over again. They are dedicated to sharing the wisdom they are channeling from horses. Whether that channeling happens through energetic pathways, communing or plain observation doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the messages coming through are so beautifully complimentary. 

Wisdoms that are coming through most often so far:

  • Find a way to slow down and take time with your horse. 
  • Allow the potential in your relationship to lead you. 
  • Acknowledge and listen deeply: to your horse and to yourself.
  • Trust your own unique inner guidance and that you can recieve it.
  • Awaken to the mirror that the horses are offering us.

The Relevance of Horse Wisdom

These golden nuggets are relevant in all of our relationships. They will help us with our dogs, children, friends and spouses. It is often our inability to slow down and be present that leads to traumatising situations. Trauma that carries on in cycles from generation to generation. 

Acknowledging this is only the first part of the shift. It is so easy to get stuck here in the lack and carry on pointing out to ourselves and others where we aren’t hitting the mark. And that just feels bad.

The real practice is to figure out how to feel good about ourselves and everyone else. Now is the time to get inspired. To let go of blaming ourselves for everything we couldn’t achieve, and focus on what we are achieving. There is so much!

root back in

I find this is a great tool for lifting my mood. Instead of worrying over everything I need to do, I will start to list in my head of what I have already achieved.

Everything I feel pleased about, everything that is unfolding and all the different efforts and jobs I have finished in the last while.

Before I know it I’m feeling happy again, and boosted about the future. 

How to Root Back In

Horses are always demonstrating how to root back into ourselves and feel good. You can be a quiet horse or a bossy horse, a sensitive horse or a wise horse. You can be all of those horses in one horse, and it feels good because you are being you. Not only that, your herd appreciates your differences and your similarities. Your herd loves your openness and your frankness.

Part of our troubles is that we can find it so challenging to be ourselves. To be with ourselves, to be still, listen and embrace who we are. Often this is only because we copied that behaviour from our parents who had copied it from theirs and so on.

Root back in

The moment we let ourselves stop and bathe in that defenceless feeling of me, the need to run melts away.

It feels like breathing oxygen again, because it is breathing the source of ourselves, and it is love!

That thin layer of self-conscious I-don’t-love-myself dissolves away surprisingly easily. 

The horses are reaching us, they are facilitating our re-Becoming, and we are making quantum leaps.

Are you a dedicated equine creator? Maybe you are a devoted horse guardian? Maybe you are both. You might not have horses to care for right now, but still ripple out unique wisdom into the equine collective. Maybe you don’t think about it like that, and you just love horses, and want to connect with their horse-ness.

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