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You are Alive through this body, and we will remind you of that.


Our experience on earth is to be alive through our body. The elemental energy that is us, the swirling cloud of light particles that shine who-we-are, have infused themselves into this physical format. The cells that started so simple and small were gradually growing into the manifestation of this one light beam of who we are. This multi-faceted personality with all of our traits.. emotional and physical… is only one impression of our being who has engaged with a life of physical experience here on earth. 

This body expresses that one impression perfectly. And this world can be a prison or a playground. The circumstances are not so important, as they are echoes or ripples of the Source of who we are. It is possible to wander in the veils of who we are not for as long as we wish. The wrappings of fear and insecurity which will not lead us anywhere real.

And it is possible to centre in the heart of love that is all we are. The question is not whether we can love ourselves or not, because we are love. The answer is in embracing this certainty. 

We Remind You To Return 

As horse beings here these wisdoms are not questionable in our mind. Although we are experiencing our separation here as individual beings. We explore how it feels to branch apart, yet Herd is our truth.

One profound understanding we have come to inhabit here is that this illusion of separation is not only manifested in the physical body, it is also healed there. This is why we often feel to ask you to return there, deep within your body. We ask you to feel your Self through cellular awareness. To reconnect down into your nervous system. Root through your feet to the earth. Breathe Nature into your nostrils and receive oxygen into your pumping heart. 

You are alive through this body. And you are eternal. Your body is not responsible for your being-ness.. your being-ness is not dependent on a body. Of course not! How ridiculously limited to imagine that this little physical thumbnail is you. Or that it could ever fully represent you. And yet it can and it does for a short time in a certain way. And if you cannot surge in and engage with this physical opportunity, you will not realise how magnificent it is. To be.

Fully Embody Your Beautiful Body

To walk so softly in the dawn light, receiving the dew through the pores of your feet. And sweep so easily and gracefully into movement, rejoicing in the power of your limbs. To pause and listen, recognising Nature through the singing of the insects. And bask in the multilayered endlessness of comfort…waves of sensation whooshing through your body. Or glow in one embrace of love, held by All, in golden stillness. There are millions of possibilities to fully embody your experience here. Go there, choose this. Live this. 

When you come to us, this is where we will guide you. We will push you back in to your beautiful body. This interface of potential, this expanse of perception. We will ask you to stand and receive, or remind you to move.. to remember grace and speed, alarm and excitement.. and the joy of instant, unaffected response.

We will remind you that you are alive through this body, and encourage you to share it with us. 

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