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Life flows through us as weather systems flow through the atmosphere. 

Flow horse through you

We are the channeling container who feel and see and experience what flows. This is sentience, the gift of life itself. Life flows through all of us, we are all channeling containers. 

A Machine That Runs By Itself

The mind of our human friends has become complex. A machine that runs by itself, processing and planning, circling and triggering. As a receiver it is capable of magnificent interpretation and translation. Yet when it is idling, it makes its own content. Recycling and deciphering and endlessly figuring out that which was never there. 

We feel this busy mind when you are with us. The persistent way it churns and chugs and disturbs the present space of the open channel. How can we advise? except to breathe with you, to feel with you, and soften ourselves as one, back into the still and potent space for flow. 

Engaging Being-Ness

As horses we are fully engaged in our experiential existence. Our body receives the flow in the same surrender as our mind. Our heart is the vastest cradle for what is. In this being-ness we can assist your passage into engaging your whole being, including your powerful mind, into receiving flow.

The path to this is not in the flow itself, which is ever-changing and ever expanding. The path is in connecting with the channeling container itself. The channel may be empty or full, bringing source wisdom or peaceful nothingness. Clear skies or storms. It is the root of potential.

Let Us Flow Through You

We await you in this state of open being-ness. Your mind and heart and vibrational root is being received through us, and so we demonstrate how you can flow horse mind and heart and vibration through you. This is reciprocity and love without conditions. This is joy.

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