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As horses we accept to live through the seasons, and invite change as the nature of our world.


In winter there is less available and we dig deep into our resources to survive. The challenge is often great, and invites us to find the strongest, most resilient parts of ourselves. This is a blessing in the same way as the new grass in springtime, when we rejoice in receiving.

In our collaboration with our human friends we are often now experiencing how you have influenced the natural rhythm of giving and receiving. In engineering a stabilisation of the seasons which reflects your drive to stabilise all of life. To be certain of the future and assure your comfort, you have achieved a mastery over resources that has created a short term abundance at all times.

And so winter is no longer a test of survival. 

Nature Is Flow 

Nature is flow however, and the cycles of the seasons are necessary, just as growth is necessary for all living creatures. If we do not experience the physical hardship then our body is not tested and our resilience will lessen over time. If there is no cycle of death and rebirth, there is no opportunity to grow anew, to create and manifest diversity. 

The lesson is not within the doing however, we don’t need to go backwards! We can go forward in releasing the drive itself to be safe. This drive is not only reflected physically in the need to stock up and over consume. The deeper vibrational root is in the need to freeze your world so it feels safe. The safety is a hidden danger, like stagnant pools where you would not want to drink. The safety dulls your true nature and you forget who you are.

Surrender to Change

How can you understand trust until you have bare pastures? How can you delight in change until you acknowledge and breathe your fear of it? This is the true, fierce joy of being alive. The freedom we have to un-plan. To wait without insurance, and in doing so experience the grace of universal coherence.

To surrender and expose ourselves to this apparently lawless, untethered, wild moment of now. Which gently transforms into the slow burn of limitless joy that is you, before you froze yourself out. No one can tell us that all is well. There is no training or mentor who can give from the outside a knowing that already burns on the inside. And only by opening space for the seasons, by receiving winter as openly as summer, can you feel the fire of all-is-well within you. This is because it is a flow, it is carried through change itself. This is the unchangeable nature of change. Just as in letting go to the river she will carry you. 

Maybe your physical world is secure, for a while, until the uncontrollable natural systems rewild themselves. But you can rewild your spiritual world all by yourself, and allow winter to unfold, the cleansing and challenging, into a spring of bright colours. And remember that you are love and change can only fan the flames of your love, re-creating it and amplifying it. 

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