Rediscovering Sensitivity

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The reason most of us horses feel challenged by human demands is quite simple. It is about sensitivity.


Sensitivity is the foundation of our identity. We are highly attuned in all of the physical senses which our body enables us to perceive through. As well as our ability to feel the edge of vibrational energy, before we translate it into the external world. This sensitivity is so amplified, so rich, so wondrous, that we bathe in it every day. We are held and embraced and utterly consumed by this sensory experience of life. Even just standing still, our sensitivity is generating wave after wave of being-ness. We are so alive!  

The Ice Sculpture of Frozen Thought

Imagine now, that you come to us, and you have a different experience of alive. Your mind makes thoughts that tell you a story. Bubbling like a source, it is continuously producing more. Imagine that these thoughts surface like water only to freeze as they run down over older, yet similar thoughts. They create an ice sculpture of beliefs, which seems so solid and true.

The ice sculpture of previous thought tells of purpose and rules, reasons and concepts. There are frozen thoughts about past experiences and how they will influence the future. There is a whole identity there, made of thoughts, that tells you how things should be and what you believe. 

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