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Excerpt from The Equine Perspective with Sandra Mendelson & Michele Morrow

In our first Let’s Talk Herd group discussion, The Equine Perspective, we have a lively and lovely discussion about how horses and other animals perceive the world in comparison to us humans.

In the excerpt we are discussing how all horse guardians can listen and respond more to the horses in their lives.

The Equine Perspective with Sandra Mendelson & Michele Morrow

Part 1:

Starting off with whether we can talk for horses and how horse guardians can start communicating with their own horses. We discuss letting go of routines and Sandra and Michele share some recent messages from the horses for humanity.

Part 2:

In this part we continue to discuss ancestry and what it means for humans. We discuss suggestions for how to listen to horses through their behaviour. Michele shared a beautiful message from the whales, Sandra shares a message from Peanut, and we discuss different animals perspective on compassion and the question of judgment.

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Sandra Mendelson
Michele Morrow

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