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Excerpt from Conversations with Horses with Michele Morrow

In this podcast we explore the world of communicating with animals, and particularly horses. Michele has an intriguing way of engaging in conversations with horses. In the excerpt she shares a couple of her most memorable and simply beautiful messages.

Conversations with Horses with Michele Morrow

Part 1: Michele describes her journey of communicating with animals, why she gave it up in childhood, how she practices and what she learned from training classes. Michele describes how she asks an animal a question and we discuss the intelligence of animals in general. 

Part 2: Discussing soul agreements with horses and the weight of our expectations around death. I tell Meg’s story of empowered death, and we go on to discuss how we can project our own beliefs on to our horses. Michele explains how horses can express energies through words and the importance of respect in the relationship.

Part 3: Michele describes what the horses ask for from us most often and she shares some of the most insightful and unusual messages she has received. We discuss the alignment with the communicator themselves and Michele explains about doing lost and found readings and defining therapeutic intention. Michele explains how guardians can best communicate with their own horses. 

About Michele Morrow

Michele has taught Pilates, and parented her daughter in Santa Barbara for over 35 years. She enjoy the outdoor life-style and the beauty of Santa Barbara, and all things Holistic.

Michele volunteers with rescued horses, and  practices Animal Reiki, Animal Communication, Equine Hanna Somatics and Canine Hanna Somatics. She is certified as a Level Two Somatic Movement Center@ Clinical Somatics exercise instructor and has also been certified in the comprehensive Body Arts and Science Pilates method since 2001.

Michele has been a master Poolates (Pilates in warm water) teacher since 2008 and has been certified in Structural Integration, (a Somatic approach to Rolfing) since 1981.  She is excited to share her Full Circle Somatic education with her clients. The Circle keeps getting Fuller!

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Let’s Talk Herd podcasts are relaxed yet intelligent conversations about every dimension of holistic horsemanship. We are interested in learning from each other and sharing the unique ideas that are sparked by sharing personal discoveries. If you would like to be a guest contact Camille.

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