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Let’s Talk Herd is up and running, and already attracting fascinating guests…

Let’s Talk Herd, the Soul Herd podcast started this month. Being in the presence of such like minded guests has been very inspiring, despite the occasional technical challenge! It truly feels like a quantum leap in terms of authentically connecting with kindred spirits. And the potential of collaboration seems so much greater now. Meeting face to face and talking with a real person is so much more natural and multi-dimensional.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to engage with each guest. It has been like meeting old friends and clicking in to our favourite subjects. So many parallels are surfacing in these podcasts. Fundamental truths that we are realising and discovering in our individual journeys with horses. Going within for answers and following our inner guidance. And the horses show us how to do that just by being themselves.

The Challenge of Growth

One of the subjects that has come up a few times in different ways is the challenge of growth. Sometimes it might surface as pain, sometimes it might be an emotional response to something in life. It could be an awareness of the contrast that we are experiencing. In each case it seems to be signalling an opportunity to expand into a higher vibration. To see a lack in a different way and grow into that perspective. 

Let's Talk Herd

The numerous gifts we receive from the horses comes up in the Let’s Talk Herd discussions in so many different ways. These gifts may seem different on the surface, such as horses being willing to visit schools and prisons for us, to dance with us and guide us. Even to invite us to work with them. Yet when you look at the gift itself, it is always the same, and all the more incredible for that.

Horses offer us their presence. 

The Gift of Horse Presence

I am sure we could all describe what the presence of a horse means to us in our own personal context. It is a challenge to engage it with words, let alone fully embrace it. Horses are so honest, so unabashed in who they are. Every action is a pure and direct expression of their own unique personality. There are no thought filters sifting and altering what they do. Just being around that clarity of existence is deeply balancing for us.

We are breathing in their unfiltered horse-ness every time we arrive close by. It is centering and grounding us, bringing us back inside. The stronger the Herd presence, the more intense the experience. 

The Herd is Leading

Horses are such powerful demonstrators of how to follow your own truth. They don’t know how not to be themselves. We get all caught up in our mind and until that shifts into an opportunity, horses are the perfect reminder. They bring us straight back home to Source, the vibrational reality that creates our world.

I believe that we, as Human beings, are now ready to be this real. First with the animals who care for us as we care for them. They are our mentors and examples. And when we are ready, we will bring our beautiful human presence into the human collective and no longer be afraid. This light doesn’t need to justify itself, or be protected, it stands for itself. It will resolve anything we ever thought was a problem, because problems are only a habit of seeing darkness instead of light.

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