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Welcome to the first Soul Herd editorial!

Not long ago I set out to find a suitable publication for the blog I have been writing. Suitable meaning that going into the spirituality of horsemanship is welcome. My blog is about the journey I have been on with my herd of horses for some years. A similar journey to the one that many friends and kindred spirits with horses in their lives are on. It is a process of awakening to the horses’ voice, of discovering both how to hear them and how to respond.

There Are Infinite Right Ways

A part of the journey has been making choices to back off from certain practices and explore new ones. Over time I have come to understand that this is a highly personal journey. What feels right to me, is right for me, but is not right for everyone. What is right for each individual is what their own heart is telling them.

After searching for the right outlet for my blog, I realised that it may not exist yet. I did find evidence that horse guardians are searching for spirituality with horses, and although there is an abundance of individual creators, a recognised hub for everyone to meet in the light of spirituality is yet to manifest.

Spirituality And New Earth Creators

The word spirituality tends to trigger defensive feelings in many people. There is often confusion with organised religion or even new age witches and the supernatural. But slowly and surely this impression is being replaced with a simpler, more innocent perspective. A connection with Nature for example, with clarity and abundance. To follow our heart and listen to inner guidance, discovering mindfulness and wellbeing both for ourselves and our horses. Much of this new found wisdom is manifesting as a result of the infinite patience and wisdom of the horses themselves.

There are many talented individuals who are awakening to spirituality and how it can remind us of the fundamental nature of who we are. A wave is building momentum within the more mainstream horse world. We are realising en masse that horses mean so much more to us than an animal to ride. We are questioning what we think we know and exploring new ways to communicate. The infinite subtleties between horse and human are beginning to be seen. 

The Birth of Soul Herd

I was meditating one day, not thinking about anything much and the thought came into my mind “you can make your own publication.” For everyone on this path.

Soul Herd is an active, ever evolving hub of exploration into how we interact with our horses. Soul Herd is diverse sources of new world horsemanship gathering all in one place. From holistic management practices to horse art and everything in between. Always circling back to the root subject, the relationship between us.

Above all, Soul Herd is a friendly, inclusive family of humans who love horses. 

So far every decision I have made, how to organise the platform, who to invite to contribute etc. has been revealing itself incrementally, in a beautiful way. I am so excited about this because it feels so authentic and so inclusive. No longer tied into a personal interest, but expanded out for all of us who are inspired by this opportunity to grow.

We are a herd with our horses, we all have one vast Soul, and we are ready for new yet ancient ideas to penetrate the equestrian traditions which have held on for so long. This can happen by having faith in the power of the horses’ voice not by fighting. By trusting what feels good, and having the courage to stand by it, accepting that we are all different, and that diversity is powerful and healthy and true.

~ Camille Dareau

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    • Thank you so much Cecilia, it is an honour to be the receiver of the idea, and I am so excited to witness the growth that will happen through all the kindred spirits including you! 💛 💫


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