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Soul Herd is Expanding!

Soul Herd is only a month old and there has already been a fascinating process to share. Coherence in the human collective is a message brought to us by the horse collective. It is a message which reflects the more practical element of seeking contributors and members to join our vision. I have come to enjoy the vibrational changes as much as their physical manifestations, yet I had no idea starting out quite how powerful this project could be energetically.

It does make sense, to ask for so many highly sentient energies to come together and interweave. To create something together. So it is so much more than presenting a collection of articles, even though in themselves they are wonderful and full of new and exciting ideas. On a vibrational level, asking for those energies to align and find a mutual equilibrium is initiating a much deeper shift for us all.

The Reception of Soul Herd

In growing Soul Herd I have noticed some interesting elements arising, and perhaps the most pertinent one was a certain resistance around this interweaving. It shows up in different ways which I don’t need to go into. The overall feeling is one of the threatening nature of losing identity. Of losing oneself, disseminating the hard fought, deeply held individualism we have dived so deeply into recently as human beings. It is a challenge to share, even to share in an environment as neutral and welcoming as Soul Herd. 

In identifying this I was inspired to take it to the horses, my beloved friends and Soul Herd. They are at the heart of this project and represent the vaster horse collective itself. I have discovered how magnificent their support, and their ability to tap directly into infinite wisdom is.

The Pattern of Resistance

At the start of our session I defined the resistance pattern by translating it into words, so we could embrace it as a herd:

“We’re talking about those of us who have horses in their lives. We love those horses and are discovering things and learning things and understanding more things every day. And theoretically, it should be that we welcome, we embrace, the spectrum, the entire width of this. It is more than just the individual, and the community doesn’t have to threaten us as individuals. And yet there is this sense of unwillingness in so many of us to share. To collaborate, to truly collaborate and appreciate the other because we’re so busy protecting our own creation”

It feels important to state here that there is no value judgment in these acknowledgments. And although I feel them in the sense of ‘us’ and ‘others’, they are ultimately a part of my own awakening process. Perhaps they are only within me, and I see and feel them without because our world works like that. A perfect mirror of sentience, illuminating the path. I do feel that any healing, in any of us, is a healing in the whole, so we are all collaborating in a mutual remembrance of the wholeness within. 

Soul Herd Assisted Session

Quaramba began by embodying the vibration that has expressed as resistance. It was as if she was a great crystal, vibrating that particular pattern. She became quite clingy and bossy, insisting that I only paid attention to her. She was manifesting the individuation we have so craved as humans. Interestingly, as soon as we all tuned into this on the energetic level, she went over to the hay, no longer needing to amplify it.

Going into the pattern there was a sense of a vacuum and inability to move. Of being held so tight, and a great pressure. This makes sense when you think of how it can feel to protect your own vision, your journey and your space. This tightness was preventing any air getting in though, and the word ‘justification’ came through. We feel the need to justify our own inner guidance

This was moving into a feeling of endless collapsing in on itself. And there was a sadness attached to that. After this the three pony girls at the heart of the herd gathered round very close. They wanted to show us, the human collective, that they’re here. They’re so here for this, and for us. For our awakening to this, and they’re so joyful about it. They are overjoyed that we can understand and I could feel this joy expanding my heart.

Quaramba embodies the human collective

Aimées Transmission

We are Growing Up

As we were coasting in that feeling of expansion, Aimée started to get animated. She does this when she feels something big coming in, and she needs us all to be focused and present. Going back in, it became clear that the individuality itself is not the issue. It is how we are embracing this as a human collective. 

She’s saying gentleness.. she’s bringing great gentleness, and saying that we’re children. We are children, and we’re innocent, and we are starting to grow up. This is part of our growing up, this understanding how to be heard. As an individual. She’s showing me how each member of the herd has the whole herd within them like a crystal, like a coherent shape. And yet they are each a different colour, a different vibrational expression of the herd. That’s what it is. Oh my, that’s amazing. That’s a miracle.

The Coherent Human Essence

So, we we can discover the coherent vibrational pattern of the human herd and still be our colour. Not within that but without of that. So it is us, this coherent human pattern, the coherent human template. The human essence… coherent humanity (that’s very important) and each of us is a different colour of this. Our colour is what shines through. And that’s where our individuality shines because we’re all from that one source, one coherent plan. We all delight in each other, just like the herd, the individual horses delight in the herd because it is who they are. They are the herd. So there is no threat! …this is important.

Accepting Being Human

Aimée has that funny look on her face, that benevolent look, kind of like she’s laughing.  She’s laughing at us a little bit, but in a nice way. Because she knows that we’re growing up.

We’re listening, this is good. Just letting that message settle in, and feeling if we need to go deeper or further today. And a new question arises,

How can be be our own colour from the vaster human collective, from coherent humanity?

How do we do this?

Aimee considers the human collective

She says that we need to accept that we are human beings. And that this is acceptable in the Universe. We’re not on some kind of scale. We’re not better and we’re not worse. Not less than horses and not more than horses. We have to go into how it feels to be human. And just let ourselves be that, because we can only find the coherence, a human coherent pattern, from accepting that we are actually human. We came here as humans, and it doesn’t really mean anything in itself. Whether you’re a human or a horse, it’s a game really. Whoever you chose to be it doesn’t matter.

Finding Ourselves in What We Love

So we need to let go of all of that a little bit. Let go of that concern about being human, being destructive and being greedy and all of that because that is not relevant. She’s just showing me, or encouraging me to explore and I’m getting this lemon coloured light. It’s like a really early spring sunrise. Very pale. That is human-ness.It feels good, it feels, pure. She says, look for yourself in the words that you love. Look for yourself in the word miracle, in the word daffodil, flower, sunshine, look for yourself in the word heart. When she says word I think she just means the concept, the vibration. Look for yourself in green fields, in the wind and the sky. Look for yourself in vastness, and when you find it, you breathe it in, you breathe it in. And you let it infuse you, become you. That’s the in-breath. The in breath is breathing in the human coherence.

How to Breathe

And the out-breath is blowing it out, breathing it out, manifesting it, living it out, through your own colour. Your own individual, specific, unique, perfect colour. You don’t even have to try to do that because that just happens. Just focus. Focus into the words that you love. The feelings that you love, the places that you love, the memories that you love and the dreams that you love. Find the coherence that we all share, and then let it come through you as it does, because you are you.

Horse Herd

Aimée says this is going to bring us so close. She shows me her heart. Her heart and our heart, our human heart touching side by side, One, touching and fusing together softening together when we can be this and let this and become this. This is the ultimate connection. 

And there’s a sense of peace, satisfaction, release, Joy. Happiness that the message came through. Not that the message came through, but was received, has been received into the human collective, there’s a memory of that thirst feeling that we had earlier, and that’s gone, now it’s a sense of feeling replenished and soothed. We all replenish together as one collective, as one awareness, one consciousness.

It will be interesting to see how this beautiful gift from the horse collective germinates in the coming months. We have such inspirational contributors and members already, and Soul Herd will continue to grow. Remember that if you become a contributor, your membership is gifted to you, and your journey will be seen by a growing audience. If you are even considering breathing out your colour here, then it is right for you. The horses are ready to be heard through you.

How to Breathe

Listen to our full session with all the herd sound effects!

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